In Vitro Effect of Alfa Mangostin on Multiresistant Uropathogenic Escherichia Coli

Maya Dian Rakhmawatie, Afiana Rohmani, Fariz Wafaul Ahyar


Introduction: In Indonesia, the most commom uropatogen E. coli resistance has been to ampicillin (91.9%), ciprofloxacin (83.7%) and cefixime (67.6%). α-mangostin, a chemical compound, has been developed as a new antibiotics isolaated from herbal Garcinia mangostana L, but its effectiveness against multiresistant uropathogenic E. Coli has not been established. Objective: This study examined the effect of α-mangostin on growth of multiresistant E. coli
Methods: α-mangostin Treatment of E. coli uropatogen bacteria was administered in vitro, using 14 levels of concentration 14; 28,13; 56.25; 112.5; 225; And 450 μg/mL with 4 times replication at each concentration. The antibacterial activity of α-mangostin was determined by evaluating bacterial growth at each concentration using the indirect method by sample absorbance reading. The Samples of uropatogen of E. coli treated with various doses of α-mangostin were incubated for 18-20 hours and then subjected to the absorbance reading using a UV-Vis spectrophotometer λ 625 nm.
Results: Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) in this study was 450 mg/mL. Based on linear regression (STATA 13.1) relationship between α-mangostin concentrations and bacterial growth inhibition activity showed 0.0001 <0.05 showing that all concentrations of α-mangostin simultaneously had a significant effect on the growth of uropathogenic E. coli.
Conclusion: α-mangostin has not been effective to inhibit the growth of multiresistent uropathogentic E. coli due to a relatively high MIC (450 mcg/mL). a Potentially relevant activity in the clinical setting will occur if the value of the MIC of a substance in vitro <100 µg /mL. Even the pharmaceutical industry prefers the development of antibiotics with in vitro MIC value of ≤ 2 μg/mL.


MDR, antibiotics, Garcinia mangostana L

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