Nigella Sativa Seed Extract Ointment Increasing the Amount of Healing Fibroblast and Collagen on Balb/C Mice Salep Ekstrak Biji Nigella Sativa Meningkatkan Jumlah Fibroblas dan Kolagen pada Penyembuhan Luka Sayat Mencit Galur Balb/C

Sri Mastuti, Djoko Tri Hadi, Chodidjah _


Introduction: Untreated cuts in some period of time, caused by various reasons, can be a problem. Alternative therapy used to speed up the healing of the cut is Nigella Sativa (NS). Objective: to investigate the number of fibroblast and collagen by giving 40% and 60% NS seed extract on the cut.
Methods: post test only control group design, 48 male balb/c strain rats were divided into 2 large groups, with each cage contained 24 rats. Each group then divided to 4. Each group is subdivided into 4. Nigella sativa seed extract ointment with a concentration of 40% (NS-40) and 60% (NS-60) smeared 3x daily for 7 days (fibroblasts) and 14 days (collagen). Evaluation derived from preparations using HE staining and Masson’s Trichrome respectively.
Results: Mann Whitney analysis shows that the number of fibroblasts and collagen in the CG group, NS-40, and NS- 6 0 Higher than CN, P <0.05. The number of fibroblasts in the NS-40 and NS-60 was not significantly different compared to the CG, as well as CN-40 with CN-60, p> 0.05. While the number of collagen in CN-60 were significantly higher than CN-40, p<0.05.
Conclusion : administration of Nigella sativa seed extract ointment with a concentration of 40% and 60% in cuts for 7-14 days increase the number of fibroblasts and collagen, resulting in a shorter healing period


black cumin seed extract ointment (Nigella sativa), fibroblasts, collagen, cuts.

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